All Power to the Imagination!
Traiasca si infloreasca capitalismul!, banner, Secession, Vienna, 2009

All Power to the Imagination!, installation views, Secession, Vienna, 2009
Floor Drawing, installation, 2009
Poem, 7', film super 8, 2009
Riots, series of paintings, 2009

30 December 1926, installation, 2009

"That means that the idea of revolution comes to them not as an experience, but as a slogan. The attempt is made to disconect the dynamic of revolutionary processes in state life - whether one likes it or not, the restoration has begun - but in spite of that, the attempt is made to store up revolutionary energy in youth like electrical power in a battery."
quote from The Moscow Diary by Walter Benjamin, day 30 December 1926


Riots, series of paintings, 2009