Apartamentul /Infobox pentru Bucuresti
photo documentation
installation, De-reconstructii, Galeria Noua, Bucuresti, 2006
architecture model made by dan dinoiu, alex pop
This infobox represents the place where the memory of the city is hosted through different initiatives and projects. The need to link our present, our memory with the recent past led us to this idea of such a place. For some reason this infobox was not constructed in the nineties, immediately after the fall of communism. Now in 2006 the conditions have changed because the pressure of the new liberal market focus especially on the spaces left demolished and not constructed by communism.
We collaborated with the architects Dan Dinoiu and Alex Pop and decided that the shape of such a space should be a reference to the living unit /apartment of the block of flats dealing in this way with the most common way of life in most romanian cities.
The result of our collaboration was a model and an architecture project which was showed under the frame of the project Va Urma to the people living in Rahova (a critical area of the city exposed now to new demolitions) and in Galeria Noua to the intellectual and artistic community.
The next steps were showing it to the city officials and trying to find a place and funding to construct it.
This Apartment/Infobox should be a place for documenting our past on one side, but also to act like a small kunsthalle in which new projects will be produced.