Atomi, fotoni, kaoni
Atomi, fotoni, kaoni, film, 4'12", 2015

"By comparing the ecological systems with the financial systems, where families of particles (atoms, photons, kaons, etc.) clash and harmonize in electromagnetic, gravitational and quantum interactions, undergoing some processes that generate energy and shape the natural and economic matter, the film made by Mona Vatamanu & Florin Tudor catches a multi-referential action, by covering the land, in an open field, with an isothermal foil of survival, as in a process of protection for healing or, if we look only at the golden reflection of the foil, as in a metaphoric illustration of the land suffocation by the rapacious and uncontrolled spread of the capital in the world."
text by Catalin Gheorghe, Clinical Architectures for a Compositionist Future, Iasi 2016

Atoms, photons, muons, bossons, protons, electrons, quarks, neutrons, gluons, hadrons, leptons, kaons, gravitons: families of particles, tribes united by strange genealogies. Some run across in every moment, some link with each other, collide, appear and disappear, decay. They cross the transparencies of our bodies: they are energy, they are matter. Energy and matter spent in complicated biological entities we name 'us' and fundamental particles shaped as objects operate in a strange dual system that we struggle to grow, control and perpetuate. Economy-war-religion-death-language-fear-hierarchy. More and more particles are displaced from their tribes, more energy is spent, more debt is created by the financial gods, more violence and more suffering, dispossession and displacement for natural ecologies and people ensue. The animate and inanimate as dissipated matter, self-replicated to spread ever increased amounts of energy, atoms and photons. The particles are with us from the very first breath we inhale and we are slowly separated from every second that follows that first breath, they are in the energy of our thoughts and in the bits of matter that interlock as our bodies, a sort of enchanted solidarity. We try to learn from them, to trick them, to use them in scientific ways, to study and speculate on them further in war and economic processes. We are envious of their magic, their omnipresence, their speed, of their ability to cross the transparency of the earth and the stars, we are envious of their freedom and their reluctance to be domesticated. One could learn from the particles their capacity to transgress the membranes of this world to other possible ones.