Il Mondo Novo  
film, 3'41", Bucuresti, 2016
"A collective staging of the eighteenth-century paintng by Giandomenico Tiepolo, Mondo Nuovo (The New World), first staged in 2004 and repeated here for the third time, in the setting of the defunct Dudesti armament factory, a ruin from the past, which coexists alongside the seeds of a less dystopian development of the urban periphery. In the current global context, contemplation of the future can represent an exercise that highlights disillusion and hopelessness, or contrariwise, it can reveal possibilities of counteracting the asperities of the present through solidarity, shared ideals and communality."
Magda Radu

film, 16', Innsbruck, 2004 Ljubljana, 2005
Il Mondo Novo make reference to Giandomenico Tiepolo's painting with the same name, a staged performance was enacted relating to the group of people in the orginal painting by the idea of individuals witnessing and in the same time being part of history. In Tiepolo's painting a group of people line up for a magic lantern show with views from the New World - The Americas, instead one could think that the small crowd look toward the fluid, distant horizons, as their Old World was collapsing. In our work we tried to talk about the invisible horizon they are looking at. The crowd looking at and in the same time being the horizon. The missing building (located close to the train station in Innsbruck) which was to be constructed there in the coming months represented il mondo novo. The missing architecture was a metaphor of our world in which seemingly there were no more new territories to discover or ideology to fight for and people were just re-processing their ideas and living space. The performance was remade one year later in Ljubljana that time in the exhibition space, a group of people stood together in the gallery, looking toward the empty space.

Il mondo novo, Giandomenico Tiepolo (1727-1804).