Le monde et les choses /Lumea si lucrurile

Le monde et les choses, installation view, Still (the) Barbarians, EVA Biennial, Limerick, 2016
photo by Miriam O'Connor

Green - Food / Drink
Red - Metals / Minerals
Yellow - Precious Metals / Minerals
Brown - Wood
Black - Oil / Petroleum / Natural Gas
Pink - Textiles / Apparel
Light Grey - Machinery / Transport Equipment
Blue - Electronics / Capital Goods
White - Other / Opium

A world map we sewed in 2014, started working on this while being in Singapore. This representation is related to researching
statistics from CIA studies published online, on it a few countries feature as dominant industries - financial products or electronics, machinery while most countries export resources, minerals or labour. Latest stage of colonialism.

Le monde et les choses, textile, 2014


Le monde et les choses, installation view, Muzeum Sztuki ms2, Lodz - All Men Become Sisters, 2015
Le monde et les choses; Freedom Towers, installation view,
Argos Centre for Arts and Media, Brussels - I do not know the real story which happens there, 2014