Peace or Freedom
Peace or freedom, textile, 2015  
The graphic representation in this textile departs from data statistics on military spendings by nations. It compares and make projections for these expenditures in the present and for the future, 30 years from now, from 2013 to 2045 (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute). During this time the main military powers will increase their spendings from 1.3 trillion to 4 trillion usd. The United States are expected to spend in 2045 the equivalent of the overall main nations spending in 2013 and this will be relatively equal with China, and India will come as the third.
Similarly with nowadays new cold war, in the 1980s the war rethorics were backed by the possesion of nuclear weapons fuelling a general feeling of anxiety. This gave form to two different propaganda machines, one focusing on the concept of peace and the other using the concepts of freedom and free world. Colonisation was behind both. War had long ago became part of the economic processes and projections.
The banner gaze at us with its eyes of sector diagrams and act as a totemic symbolic structure. One of the diagrams, that one for the future, is expanded by handsewed lines, sun rays from the eye that feasts on these statistics, algorithms and ultimately humans.