The Wretchedness of the Earth /Prapadenia pamantului
Prapadenia pamantului, film, 11'42", 2016

The film was made in the setting of the defund Dudesti armaments factory. The ruins of the former industrial buildings are now covered with unruly vegetation, and this landscape - which signifies both the aggressiveness towards nature brought about by progress and industrialization, but also the destruction of the economic and industrial infrastructure in post-socialist times becomes the site of humble interventions aiming to heal the place and to activate the historical consciousness in relation to it.
Magda Radu

Prapadenia pamantului  
Prapadenia pamantului, film, 8'08", 2014
The privileging of "a spatial articulation of historical consciousness over a temporal one" * has already been noted with regard to Mona Vatamanu and Florin Tudor's artistic practice. The film Wreck of the Earth (2014) is situated in this line and confronts us with a space almost completely devoid of identity, and consequently of memory, as if in a radical suspension of history. The area is full of debris and dried weeds, surrounded by some vegetation and the rather distressing remnants of an industrial complex. Only a radical gesture can give meaning to this space: the inversed ritual of throwing bread, instead of seeds, is a metaphor for healing through violating consensual norms – norms which humankind has already fully surpassed.
text by Judit Angel, Flying Utopia,, 2015.

* "While the temporal dimension undoubtly plays a significant role in Mona Vatamanu and Florin Tudor's work, this dimension is chiefly worked through, explored and exposed in performative filmed navigations of spaces, territories, sites and structures.", in Vivian Rehberg: Mapping the History of the Present, in Mona Vatamanu and Florin Tudor, ed. Cosmin Costinas, Jill Winder, BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht and post editions, Rotterdam, 2009, p.64.

Prapadenia pamantului, Le soleil et son double
installation view Argos Centre for Arts and media, Brussels - I do not know the real story which happens there, 2014