The order of things /Ordinea lucrurilor

The order of things, 7'35", film 16 mm, 2011-2012

An arabian bakery in Kreuzberg, Berlin. On the wall of the bakery an abstract painting witnesses everyday silently the process of baking bread and the workers preparing the bread dough. The abstract painting is covered on some parts with smoke from the owens, it remained there probablly from one of the previous owners or tenants of the place. This situation of the modern painting in the working place together with footage filmed while attempting to transform symbolically the globe in a pyramid is put in relation with the poem "I shall celebrate" by the Zimbabwean poet Chirikure Chirikure. A certain dialogue arises between Chirikure Chirikure horizon in the poem and the workers baking the bread for the world.


installation view daadgalerie Berlin, 2012