Le soleil et son double /Soarele si dublul sau
Le soleil et son double, film, 4'51", 2014
The sun, our star is filmed in an analogue format in order to superimpose two filmic shots creating a footage in which the sun appears to be accompanied by a second star, its double. The filming was done 'in blind', with a solar filter that renders the viewfinder dark. This hypothesis of having two suns (what if?) questions our social organization, our hierarchies, our will to power, our fear of death. Le soleil et son double together with Prapadenia pamantului are responding eachother in a sort of incantation. The films are trying to ask these questions by refusing to speculate on possibilities of a narative and rather pointing to Antonin Artaud's Le theatre et son double and George Bataille idea of expenditure from La part maudite: "I will begin with a basic fact: The living organism, in a situation determined by the play of energy on the surface of the globe, ordinarily receives more energy than is necessary for maintaining life, the excess energy (wealth) can be used for the growth of a system (e.g. organism); if the system can no longer grow, it must necessarily be lost without profit; it must be spent, willingly or not, gloriously or catastrophically."