When I work I miss them, when I sleep also I miss them
When I work I miss them, when I sleep also I miss them, film 7'02", 2015
The camera captures these fragments from reality for as long as light is being provided by the welding process. The workers repetitive movements and actions become visible for some fractions of seconds only to dissappear in the dark again and again. In the surroundings the jungle is the witness of the workers activity of constructing this structure and is illuminated from time to time by the flashes of their welding machines. “When I sleep I miss them, when I work also I miss them.” is a quote we found in an interview of the Bangladeshi worker poet Zakir Hussain. His words resume the situation of millions of migrant workers who travelled for long distances in order to provide living money for the families back home. Modernity, international capital, colonialism, war, human affects, nature intersect with each other and generate paths for individuals to follow.